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Doctor says telemedicine is the future of healthcare

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Governor Asa Hutchinson said in his health care speech January 22, that one of the things that will improve healthcare in Arkansas is telemedicine. He says it is improving access to care in rural areas, and it’s a way to share expertise across the state.

All the major Little Rock hospitals have already implemented telemedicine, which is the concept of doctors, many times specialists, delivering diagnosis or treatment in Little Rock, or another big city, through computer, to patients who are physically in other parts of the state.

UAMS has been using telemedicine for 11 years, and has reached 1,000 receiving stations. They’ve conducted studies on patient results and satisfaction, and they say it’s clear telemedicine is the future of healthcare.

“I think, in this case, Arkansas is ahead of the curve. I’m very proud that I’ve been part of something that’s helped Arkansas lead the nation in care delivery. And so, other states are doing this in a big way, now hospital networks are getting involved, insurance companies are getting involved, it’s just the way that things are going to move forward,” said Dr. Curtis Lowery, Director of UAMS Center for Distance Health.

Dr. Lowery says one of the big issues moving forward is compensation. Not all insurance companies pay for telemedicine consulting. He believes developing a payment structure will advance the use of telemedicine.

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