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CT Scan

Apart from performing routine scan, the CT Scan machine at Mamji is capable of performing CT Pyelogram, Spiral CT Scan especially for Chest and Liver, CT Pulmonary Angiogram, MRCT Chest, Reverse gantry (for bones and Spine) and BMD Scan, etc.

CT guided interventional procedures namely FNAC, Aspirations and Biopsies are also routinely performed at OMI by senior radiologists.


The Pathology Lab has been functioning since the inception of the hospital and has maintained a steady upward growth to stay abreast of the latest developments in laboratory medicine.

The lab work is greatly facilitated by automated analyzer which ensures high performance standards in Mamji Hospital a short period of time.

The lab is organized in a way to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests, including quantitative measurements and specialized tests.

The departments comprise:

  • Haematology department which performs all routine hematological tests and includes a blood bank.
  • Chemical pathology department which performs routine biochemistry as well as specialized tests which are performed on sophisticated automated machines.
  • Microbiology and serology department.
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology department.
  • Parasitology and clinical pathology department

All these services are provided by the coordinated efforts of a number of professional e.g. pathologists, Lab technicians, phlebotomists, bio-medical engineers and the administrative staff.